Wales Children’s Activities and Service Awards  –  Baby & Toddler Class of the Year

Winner 2022

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The Mini Movement

Award-winning sensory parent and baby groups in Cardiff!

The Mini Movement offers a range of fun parent and baby groups in Cardiff, Newport, Dinas Powys and Caerphilly.

Expertly developed by a senior children’s physiotherapist and dance teacher, The Mini Movement is a unique baby development and sensory class which combines sensory play, dance and music to stimulate your little one in every class!

Our baby development and sensory classes centre around promoting gross motor skills, which are key for helping your baby or toddler to gain strength and confidence in their own body. Movement is essential for human development, learning and growth and encouraging this at a young age builds a great foundation for babies to continue to develop and be able to successfully achieve more complex skills later in life. Movement and learning are interconnected; ‘We learn to move and we move to learn’

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The Benefits

Gross motor skills

Whole body movements which involve the large (core stabilising) muscles

Fine motor skills

Movements which require the smaller muscle of the hands and fingers

Sensory integration

How the brain processes information we receive from our five senses, organises it, and responds


The sense that lets us perceive the location, movement, and action of different parts of the body. We are not born with this and need to learn it

Rhythm and musicality

Understanding of tempo, rhythm, mood and phrasing- important for learning instruments, singing and dancing


Key for learning as it allows us to plan, monitor and regulate our thoughts and actions

Core stability

Allows us to be stable, functional and protects our spine

Social skills

Early social interaction is beneficial for child development and can help develop strong language skills, creativity, empathy, communication and confidence


Research has shown that attending baby music and movement classes increase parent-baby attachment and improve the quality of interaction and bonding

Exercises and Activities

Each exercise and activity in our Mini Movement classes have been meticulously designed to work on gross motor skills for toddlers and babies, as well as fine motor skills, sensory integration, body awareness, rhythm, musicality, attention and core stability.

At the same time, promoting confidence, social skills and bonding between parent and child in a fun, sensory baby group that parents and children alike will enjoy!

Learn how to facilitate your child’s development in all areas safely and gradually with expert advice whilst also dancing, having fun with your baby and other parents and creating special memories together.

Our baby development and sensory classes are currently located in Dinas Powys, Newport and Caerphilly and our classes are suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers and children aged up to 4 years.

Our promise to you

  • We use baby-safe and clean props, sensory toys, sparkly lights and impressive parachutes that will introduce your little one to the magical world of sensory play
  • Our classes are different every week as we aim to capture you and your child’s imagination with fun themes, music, dancing, activities and play
  • We safely teach you how to facilitate your baby or toddler’s development in all areas with expert advice and support
  • We ensure all parents feel supported in a safe, friendly and laid-back environment
  • Expect to have a wonderful time with your little one and meet other amazing parents along the way
  • Create special memories to last a lifetime

Help your baby or toddler learn about the world around them through sensory stimulation, light shows, music, dance, baby massage, props and more. Our Intermediate and Graduate classes also help toddlers build friendships, develop social skills and confidence through imaginative play, music and dance.

Our class themes change regularly to stimulate your baby and let your child explore new skills. Fun and popular themes include Under the Sea, Superheroes, Jungle, Around the World and more!

We think it is essential for our parent and baby classes to be developmentally appropriate for your little one as we focus on specific skills and milestones in each class therefore, our baby and toddler classes are based around developmental ability rather than age to suit every child’s needs.

Join The Mini Movement

Award-winning sensory parent and baby groups in Cardiff!

Mini Movers


Come and join our beautiful MINI MOVERS class for babies 8 WEEKS to CRAWLING.

This gentle and playful interactive class focuses on nurturing those precious early months and bonding between parent and baby. It leads to developing physical skills, body awareness, confidence and language acquisition

We safely introduce you to sensory play and facilitation of your baby’s development in all areas with expert advice and support.

Mega Movers


Come and join our bouncy MEGA MOVERS class for walking toddlers up to age THREE!

This adventure-filled, highly interactive class focuses on refining physical skills, agility and confidence through imaginative story-telling, assault courses, music, dance and much more!


£42 for a six-week block of The Mini Movement or Mama Fitness classes.

10% discount if you book The Mini Movement and Mama Fitness classes together.

15% sibling discount.


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