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Winner 2022

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The Sunshine Movement

Child Disability classes in Cardiff!

Welcome to our magical ‘Sunshine Movement’ disability classes suitable for children aged 1-18. The classes are designed and run by Beth Darlington who is an HCPC and CSP registered paediatric physiotherapist. She graduated from Cardiff University in 2014 with a BSc in Physiotherapy and has worked with many children with additional needs and in multiple special needs schools across Wales as a paediatric physiotherapist.

It has been a dream of Beth’s to create a class that combines important physiotherapy concepts around postural management and movement with the magical world of music, sensory exploration and storytelling for this cohort of children. Beth has a real passion to ensure our Mini Movement classes are inclusive and accessible to all. She wanted to create a space where families and caregivers of children with physical disabilities could come to bond and connect with their children in a fun and relaxed environment, gain further understanding of their needs, build confidence with manual handling and create precious memories to last a lifetime.

Beth has teamed up with the amazing charity ‘Oshi’s World’ who are a local charity based in the Vale of Glamorgan, inspired by a special little boy called Oshi. Their founders, Oshi’s mum (Anna Liddell) and aunties set out to create an accessible play space for children with disabilities and their families and friends. This wonderful charity is helping to support and fund ‘The Sunshine Movement’ classes.

Benefits of the Sunshine Movement classes for your child

Time out of wheelchair to teach positioning, daily stretches, passive movements and joint compressions with deep pressure

Improving confidence with manual handling and movement of your child through education and story massage

Education and discussions around 24hr postural management and management of tone

Great fun for children who enjoy music and singing

Working on communication skills, choosing items, expressing likes and dislikes and using their voice. Language development and use of simple makaton

Working on turn taking skills and waiting

Sensory integration and encouragement to explore lots of different materials and textures through imaginative ‘sensory stories’

Teaching facilitation of gross motor skills (as appropriate to that child) e.g. sitting, rolling, reaching, tummy time, high kneeling etc

Social time for your child and YOU- taking time to talk about what went well this week and what didn’t go well. Opportunity for meeting other parents and to build a support network and have open discussions

Use of sensory equipment including bubble machines, fibre optic lights, sensory scarves, pom poms, parachute and much more

Lots of repetition and same structure of class so child knows what to expect and is able to feel comfortable and enjoy the session

**Please be aware this class is not ‘physiotherapy’ and the child will not be receiving physiotherapy assessment or treatment during the sessions**

Support from Oshi's World

The classes are mostly funded by Oshi’s world but a £20 fee is required for the block of 4 one hour classes.

Classes are on Saturday mornings (every 2-3 weeks) at Ysgol Y Deri special school in Penarth.

The dates of the block will be provided once we’ve received your referral and you will be triaged into the correct block of classes for your child’s needs.

Please email us at [email protected] to receive your self referral form.

If you are a professional who would like to refer a child then please email [email protected] to receive your professional’s referral form.


£20 for a block of 4 one hour Sunshine Movement classes.


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